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AICI Singapore Chapter generates interest and create awareness about image consultants and the value to people’s lives everyday by increasing the visibility of what we do and what we offer as a chapter through members, chapter events and philanthropic activities.

Education and Certification


AICI Education and Certification

It offers approved educational programs and continuing professional development, creating opportunities for its members to obtain and maintain AICI certification by providing Continuing Education Unit (CEU) educational programmes.


What is AICI Certification?

AICI enhances the professionalism and credibility of image consulting through a three-tiered certification process. Certification validates you as a professional. It gives you enhanced credibility with your current and future clients, colleagues, the media and the public at large. The three levels are: First Level Certification (AICI FLC), Certified Image Professional (AICI CIP) and the illustrious designation of Certified Image Master (AICI CIM).

What is a CEU?

The CEU is an internationally recognized educational credit accorded by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET). AICI is authorised to provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through approved educational programmes and continuing professional development. AICI offers these CEU programmes at the annual international conference, regional conferences and in chapter educational workshops.

You receive 0.1 CEU for every hour of instruction, that is, one CEU is awarded for ten contact hours of participation in an organised continuing education experience. To receive CEUs through AICI, the programme must be approved for accreditation- its content within a category listed in AICI’s Core Curriculum.

Find out more on maintaining your certification.

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Why is Certification Important?

  • AICI certification validates you as a professional. It gives you enhanced credibility with your current and future clients, colleagues, the media and the public at large. Certification is a great marketing tool to build your business and attract clients.
  • Potential clients visiting the AICI website will see members listed in the AICI Membership Directory by certification levels. The Masters are listed first. Professionals are listed second and the First Level Certified Members are listed third. Higher certification gives you more credibility and greater exposure to those searching for an image consultant.
  • Working on a certification keeps you striving to be the best and focused on the details of your business. You continue to update your professional education by earning CEUs. And, each time you receive a new certification, your potential for higher income increases!

First Level Certification (FLC)

First Level Certification (FLC) is an accreditation for all image consultants who wish to obtain universally accepted certification to increase their professional integrity. It tells the world that you have achieved an educated level of knowledge and standard in image consulting. All image consultants are required to pass an examination and to show working experience in image consulting in a portfolio. Find out more on FLC.

Certified Image Professional (CIP)

Certified Image Professional (CIP) requires industry experience in image consulting. A consultant must have been engaged in providing image consulting services for at least two years or part-time practicing for four years. To obtain this certification, a comprehensive portfolio of work, training in image, peer and client evaluations, media exposure, involvement and leadership in an image-related association and community service must be presented. The application is open to individuals who have passed the FLC exam. Find out more on CIP.

Certified Image Master (CIM)

Certified Image Master (CIM) requires extensive image industry experience and can be applied for after holding the CIP designation for a minimum of five years. Applicants, among other qualifications, must be able to demonstrate a unique philosophy, brand or professional process currently in use for clients. A comprehensive portfolio of their work and contribution to the industry and community is assessed by external reviewers outside of the image industry. Find out more on CIM.