About AICI Singapore Chapter

The AICI Singapore Chapter is a vibrant group of dynamic and professional image consultants with a vision to promote image consulting in Asia. Its vision is to generate interest and create awareness about image consultants and the value they bring to people’s lives every day. Its goal is to increase the visibility of what they do and what they offer as a chapter through their active members, chapter events and philanthropic activities.

It is committed to supporting image consultants in the Singapore Chapter, and welcome members from across the geographic boundaries of Asia and beyond. Its vision is to be a catalyst for growth through outstanding member benefits.

The Singapore chapter is proactive in strengthening bonds within the AICI network, not only in Singapore but also wherever our members are based, both regionally and globally. It strives to collaborate with other chapters in the region to maximise educational, business and networking opportunities for its members.

AICI is the leading worldwide certifying organisation for image consultants. It encourages progressive levels of certification, as well as professional development through educational workshops, offering internationally-recognised Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

History of AICI Singapore

On 23 June 2007, a pioneer group of 15 AICI members signed a petition to form a chapter in Singapore. After approval was granted by the AICI International Board, the pro-tem committee applied for the AICI South-Asia Singapore (SINGAPORE) Chapter, now known as AICI Singapore Chapter, to be approved as a society in Singapore.

The AICI Singapore chapter was officially registered as a society on 9 October 2007, which makes this its official Anniversary date.

AICI Singapore had held the first AICI Education Conference in 2009, with 120 delegates from China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam, and speakers from America and Canada.


  • To generate interest and create awareness about image consultants and the value we bring to people’s lives every day.

  • To increase the visibility of what we do and what we offer as a Chapter through our active members, Chapter events and philanthropic activities.

  • To be a catalyst for members’ growth and development.


AICI members (global) are pioneers in the industry who are best-selling authors and opinion leaders who travel to share their work with other image consultants through education days at local chapters and at our annual global and regional AICI conferences.

A Legacy of Professional Growth through Community

AICI was founded in 1990 as the result of a merger of the East Coast-based Association of Fashion and Image Consultants and the West Coast-based Association of Image Consultants.With well over 1000 members worldwide, AICI’s membership represents over 48 countries. Chapters are located throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

AICI fosters a sense of community within its membership through its social interface at the AICI portal (www.aici.org), regular email alerts on member news, quarterly online newsletter–AICI Global magazine, annual global and regional conferences, and local chapters. AICI assists members in building their businesses by continually upgrading the resources, development tools, and technical knowledge that are essential to effective self-presentation and communication. Webinars and teleclasses are made available to members (teleclasses are free and exclusively for members).

As a Continuing Education Units (CEU) sponsor through the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET), AICI offers approved educational programs and continuing professional development in conjunction with AICI’s conferences.